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Collecting Your Questions

Mayor McLean and Chief Lee,
Our Guests on ZOOM Oct 8th at 7:00 PM
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Please Use this survey to send us Your Questions and Comments. WBNA will compile your responses and supply them to our guests ahead of our Oct 8th Zoom Meeting

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And the Winner is…

Thank you neighbors!
We had a huge response to our poll. After nearly 200 votes a winner has emerged. The “Wood Cut” design Took an early lead and stayed in front until the end.

Next Step in the process, our design committee will work with Jasper advertising on the color design! Watch here for updates.

Help Us Choose

With the help from a grant from the City of Boise WBNA is in the midst of a re-branding.
One of these 3 images will be the basis of the WBNA Brand Identity.
It will be used on ….

  • Street Sign Toppers marking our neighborhood boundaries
  • Association Letterhead
  • Websites and Social media accounts
  • Event and promotional print and signage

The previous survey returned a number of concepts to use in the design.

  • The barn and silo at Spaulding
  • Friendly place to raise a family
  • Wide streets established neighborhoods
  • Mountain views
  • Irrigation
  • Mature trees
  • And many more

With this feedback from neighbors, the WBNA Board has been working with Jasper Advertising & Marketing to create these 3 final design choices. Vote only once and choose just one.
(Samples are all in black and white and only the winner will be colorized)

Boise’s Covid-19 Resource

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Easter Egg Hunt Canceled!

Annual Meeting 2020

February 13, 2020

Ronnie Marlar welcomed a crowd of over 35 people to the annual meeting. 

Jonathan gave the Treasurers report – Checking $438.70

  Savings – $25.00

  2020 Mini Grant – $2,000.00

Ronnie explained to the new-comers that we are an unincorporated non-profit.  Jonathan added that he has investigated the 501C status and it is considerable paperwork, but feels that it can be accomplished.

Ronnie reviewed the associations accomplishments this past year.

    Settlers Canal – we are working with the University of Idaho on landscaping and developing a linear park that is pedestrian friendly.

    Capital Grants will help the association with an “identity kit” which includes a logo representing our neighborhood, sign toppers and other marketing information.  The Community Building Committee has had several meetings on this subject as well as future plans for our association 

    Fairmont Park picnic shelter and additional walking path were celebrated with a potluck at the site

    Planting at Spaulding Ranch – sage and bitter brush was planted in about 1/4 of the future park by WBNA members and volunteers 

    Yard Sale – the annual yard sale made just over $200.

    Mountain View Park – the last Saturday of each month we clean up our adopted park and Mary Margaret reports our hours to the city.  Any damaged trees, vandalism or concerns in the park are reported as well.

  2020 plans for the coming year – 

  • Working with city as we are an “energize” area which means we get additional funds and help from the city to energize our neighborhood.   Ronnie explained to the new comers about the work that was accomplished in the Vista Neighborhood several years ago with this program.
  •   Outreach events to make residents aware of projects 
  •   Our first Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for April 11 at Fairmont Park
  •   Planting the orchard at Spaulding Ranch this fall
  •   A Fall Festival is in the planning stages, TBA

   Rochelle suggested that we give more details on where Spaulding is and our plans for the park.  Ronnie obliged with more details on where it is situated.  The Barn, when restored, will be an events center, weddings – parties, farm to table gardens, walking paths and much more.  BUGS will provide classes as well.  The old Ranch House will be offices and smaller meeting spaces for our West Bench Neighborhood Association and other organizations.  As it is completed there will be more and more partners and people using the space.  The plans are on our WBNA website as well as Boise City Parks and Recreation website.  Discussion followed. 

Ronnie turned the meeting over to Rochelle to conduct the elections of officers.  

Rochelle thanked all the officers for their hard work this last year.  

New officers for 2020 are:  

  • President – Ronnie Marler
  • Vice President – Jody Hull
  • Secretary – Annie Fuller
  • Treasurer- Jonathan Melby
  • New board Members:  Ken Miller, Aaron England, Diane Wilmore and Joe Gordon

   Next regular meeting is March 12, 7:00 PM, Cole/Ustick Library

WBNA Logo Design

The City of Boise is helping neighborhoods across the city develop their own unique identities. Part of this effort includes the creation of neighborhood branding for use on social media, signs and other material.

You might have already noticed new neighborhood signs in places like Central Bench, Central Rim and Sunset.

Now it’s our turn to work with the City and a local consultant to create branding materials for West Bench. This short survey will gather input from you and other neighbors to help support the creative process.

To help inform your answers, please review some of our neigborhood’s key public features.

Spaulding Ranch Park (being developed)

Fairmont Park & Pool

Library! at Cole & Ustick

For a map that includes these and other neighborhood assets, see

Spaulding Update

The Boise Parks and Recreation Department(BPR) has been working on the design and plan for future infrastructure needs at the Spaulding Ranch. The City has coordinated with the Nampa Meridian Irrigation District(NMID) on a design for the Tuttle Lateral that best meets the needs of both the City and the NMID. 

The Tuttle lateral is an important and historic amenity for the Spaulding Ranch. BPR intends to keep the existing lateral open and utilize all appurtenant irrigation water rights allocated to the lands from the Tuttle to irrigate agricultural crops in the future. However, NMID must ensure delivery of water to other users downstream of Spaulding Ranch.  The most efficient and sustainable way to achieve both NMID and BPR’s goals, is to pipe the Tuttle, develop an irrigation storage pond and construct a pump house. Instead of jointly managing the lateral as it is today, BPR will be able to reclaim control of the existing lateral since it will no longer serve as conveyance for the NMID, once piped. This will allow BPR to keep the existing lateral open, control water flows, and maintain the existing trees along the banks to enhance the existing riparian habitat at Spaulding Ranch. Please see the link below as a reference.

BPR expects that this work will begin in January 2020, pending permit approvals and weather conditions. The irrigation pond will be situated in the northwest quadrant of the Spaulding Ranch property, so excavation and grading equipment will access the site from the dead-end of N. Glenwood Street at the northern property boundary. 

Property owners directly abutting Spaulding Ranch could experience impacts such as general construction noise, dust, equipment back-up beepers and ground vibration. Abutting property owners will also receive a courtesy notification about the project in their mailboxes early next week. However, all construction activities will only occur on Parks property, and the project will be completed and in operation for the 2020 irrigation season.

As always, please feel free to contact BPR if you have questions about the project or any other aspect of the Spaulding Ranch Master Plan.

Best regards,

Trevor KesnerParks PlannerParks and Recreation DepartmentOffice: (208) Making Boise the most livable city in the country.

Energize Award

WBNA was honored with the “Visioning to Reality” Award.
Thanks for everyone’s persistence on the Settlers Project