Public Agency Committee:

Purpose is to monitor meetings, agendas and actions of public agencies and commissions, including but not limited to the Ada County Highway District, Ada Planning Association, and Boise  City.  It shall also be the purpose of this committee to participate in ongoing dialogues with developers and the City regarding development projects.  After receiving general direction from the Association, this committee is authorized to speak on behalf of the neighborhood association, and empowered to negotiate, with the Association understanding that negotiations are a dynamic process and that the details of the original Association position may need to be modified by this committee in order to achieve the Association’s most important underlying principles.  When providing general direction to this committee it is the general membership’s responsibility to outline what those underlying principles are, allowing the committee some latitude in the details of how those underlying principles may be achieved so that the committee may work with them in the best ways possible.

Neighborhood Reinvestment Committee:

Purpose, in part, is to apply for neighborhood reinvestment funds.  This committee’s purpose is not limited to seeking funding from the City’s reinvestment fund, but may explore the multiple ways the neighborhood may be invested in, both by the neighborhood itself, and other organizations.  Aspects of this committee’s responsibility include identifying eligible projects, to establish a project election procedure, and to ensure that the Association’s project manager for each project is clearly identified.  Given the financial implications of this committee, this committee shall always include either the President or the Treasurer, or both, as a member.

Grievance Committee:

Purpose is to receive complaints and promptly recommend specific actions to the Board of Directors.

Community Building Committee:

Purpose is to bring the people of the community together in fun, informal ways so that the people of the neighborhood may get to know each other.  It is these informal meetings and activities that often form the foundation of the strongest Associations.  The difference between the Neighborhood Reinvestment Committee and the Community Building Committee is that the Neighborhood Reinvestment Committee is project oriented, and the Community Building Committee is activity oriented.






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