Neighborhood Reinvestment Committee

 Purpose, in part, is to apply for neighborhood reinvestment funds.  This committee’s purpose is not limited to seeking funding from the City’s reinvestment fund, but may explore the multiple ways the neighborhood may be invested in, both by the neighborhood itself, and other organizations.  Aspects of this committee’s responsibility include identifying eligible projects, to establish a project election procedure, and to ensure that the Association’s project manager for each project is clearly identified.  Given the financial implications of this committee, this committee shall always include either the President or the Treasurer, or both, as a member.

Committee Members:

  • Ronnie Marler
  • Betty Brigante
  • Mary Margret Draper

2015 Signal Box Art Grant

2012 Community Outreach Grant

Sara Baker project manager

I have created this space to have an open conversation in preparation to Oct 19th meeting. Please join this conversation in this page’s comment section.



Neighborhood Mini Grant




WBNA Community outreach plan 2012

  1. Build partnerships with neighborhood businesses. Via face to face meetings with
    Businesses, Distribute Flyers and stickers.
  2. Host neighborhood open candidate forum for 2012 elections.
  3. Publicize neighborhood open candidate forum for 2012 elections to neighborhood residents by mailing postcards.

Description of Work

Print and distribute informational flyers welcoming neighborhood businesses to WBNA Boise.

Print and distribute stickers (see image below) to local area businesses to promote partnerships.

Print and distribute invitations to WBNA members for 2012 Candidate forum.




5 responses to “Neighborhood Reinvestment Committee”

  1. Ronnie Avatar

    I’ll get this thread started.
    I would like to see WBNA use the City’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant program to pursue a goal of making public transit more accessible by way of Improved bus stop structures and signage.

    Signage that displays bus routes, schedules and covered benches could boost ridership and thus improve livability in our neighborhood.

  2. Jason Avatar

    Hi there. Please explain wot the NRG is exactly. Thanke,


  3. Ronnie Avatar

    Sure, here is the short version from the City’s website.

    “The Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant (NRG) Program is a partnership between the City of Boise and the registered neighborhood associations. The program funds comprehensive neighborhood plans and capital construction projects to help enrich the lives of our citizens, enhance the identity and quality of life in our neighborhoods and encourage a strong sense of community.”

    There is more detailed information to be found on their website, Including past recipient projects follow the link below

  4. Ronnie Avatar

    I was talking to Betty Yesterday and she had a point that perhaps we should focus on the Mini Grant for this deadline instead of the NRG because a Capital project would require more planning then we have time for.

    So I would like to suggest an idea for a Mini grant proposal.

    Awareness is an important part of a successful Neighborhood association. One way to raise awareness is to have banners at local buisnesses. I propose we have 4″ X 4″ durable vinyl stickers printed up for display on local buisnesses. That say “Proud Member of the West Bench Neighborhood Association” with a link to the website.

    At about a buck a peice I think that a couple hundred would cover all buisnesses and member’s car bumpers who would want them.

    See image at top of this page

  5. Ronnie Avatar

    I got a quote from an online manufacturer.. Cheaper than I thought

    Full Color High Resolution Stickers
    Stock: Laminated White Vinyl
    Size: 4 x 4
    Shape: Square with rounded corners
    Finish: On rolls or individually sheeted
    Minimum quantity of 250
    250 Stickers: $147.20
    500 Stickers: $189.80
    1000 Stickers: $280.00

    Shipping: $17.50 – $20.00 depending on quantity ordered

    Production time is Approximately 2-3 business days + 2-4 business days for shipping




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