Join our Board of Directors

West Bench Neighborhood Association – NEEDING Board Members! PLease Consider. One positive and constructive way to make a difference in local government is to be a part of your local neighborhood association. In the West Bench we are making improvements to our public lands (Mountain View/Fairmont Parks, Spaulding Ranch, and the strip north of Capital HS). Speakers in 2020 included Mayor McLean and BPD Chief Lee and planned but cancelled were an Easter Egg Hunt and Fall Festival. West Bench Neighborhood IS A DIFFERENCE MAKER in our community!

These things happen because of people just like yourself being willing to attend monthly meetings and signing up for a project or two! Please consider giving a few hours a month to make your neighborhood a better place to live! Contact me at if you are interested or would like to know more. PS Mark your calendar for the Annual Meeting and elections on Feb 11th at 7pm. You should be receiving a post card in the mail regarding the upcoming meeting.

Thanks! Rochelle

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