Spaulding Update

Spaulding Update

The Boise Parks and Recreation Department(BPR) has been working on the design and plan for future infrastructure needs at the Spaulding Ranch. The City has coordinated with the Nampa Meridian Irrigation District(NMID) on a design for the Tuttle Lateral that best meets the needs of both the City and the NMID. 

The Tuttle lateral is an important and historic amenity for the Spaulding Ranch. BPR intends to keep the existing lateral open and utilize all appurtenant irrigation water rights allocated to the lands from the Tuttle to irrigate agricultural crops in the future. However, NMID must ensure delivery of water to other users downstream of Spaulding Ranch.  The most efficient and sustainable way to achieve both NMID and BPR’s goals, is to pipe the Tuttle, develop an irrigation storage pond and construct a pump house. Instead of jointly managing the lateral as it is today, BPR will be able to reclaim control of the existing lateral since it will no longer serve as conveyance for the NMID, once piped. This will allow BPR to keep the existing lateral open, control water flows, and maintain the existing trees along the banks to enhance the existing riparian habitat at Spaulding Ranch. Please see the link below as a reference.

BPR expects that this work will begin in January 2020, pending permit approvals and weather conditions. The irrigation pond will be situated in the northwest quadrant of the Spaulding Ranch property, so excavation and grading equipment will access the site from the dead-end of N. Glenwood Street at the northern property boundary. 

Property owners directly abutting Spaulding Ranch could experience impacts such as general construction noise, dust, equipment back-up beepers and ground vibration. Abutting property owners will also receive a courtesy notification about the project in their mailboxes early next week. However, all construction activities will only occur on Parks property, and the project will be completed and in operation for the 2020 irrigation season.

As always, please feel free to contact BPR if you have questions about the project or any other aspect of the Spaulding Ranch Master Plan.

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