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Traffic issues are the most common concerns police hear from citizens. Boise PD is using our facebook and twitter sites to help educate drivers about Idaho’s traffic safety laws!

TODAY’S TRAFFIC TIP: Something New! Because you asked for it!

Boise, Feb. 14, 2011 – Boise PD is launching a new feature for our facebook & twitter sites focused on increasing traffic safety education.

Regularly, we’ll feature a traffic law that, for some may be a reminder, and for others may clarify confusion on questions like how far ahead of a lane change are you required to signal? What are Idaho’s child car seat laws? What is required for a ‘stop’ to be legal? What requirements do you have as a driver when you encounter a funeral procession? What are Idaho’s laws regarding bicycles on our streets? Anything that deals with traffic safety will be covered.

This idea came from citizen comments and questions to BPD via our social networking sites. In fact, the feature will start with the traffic rules citizens requested more education on! If you have questions or suggestions for Today’s Traffic Tip, please join the conversation and “follow” or “like” Boise Police on facebook and twitter. The links are at the top of this page!

The goal of this effort is to increase safety for all of us on Boise’s roadways.





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