2011, The Year of Idaho Food

Year of Idaho Food Flyer

Got this from the Treasure Valley Food Coalition, Thought I would pass it on



I am writing today to provide information to the City of Boise’s registered neighborhood associations about 2011: The Year of Idaho Food. The Year of Idaho Food is a grass-roots, year-long, statewide look at the surprising variety of foods grown in Idaho – and not simply focusing on the foods themselves, but also on the social, economic and environmental significance of those foods. Think of The Year of Idaho Food as a garden bed from which many ideas and stories can spring into new life and new appreciation.

The Year of Idaho Food website http://www.NWfoodnews.com/category/year-of-idaho-food provides an opportunity for people throughout the state to share ideas, stories, photographs – anything that explores a connection to food and agriculture in Idaho, as well to learn of events planned around monthly themes to promote community discussion and civic engagement around the subject of food.

I encourage you to visit the website often so that you may keep abreast of the many exciting projects taking shape or already underway in neighborhoods and communities across Idaho. I hope that you will also take a look at the submission guidelines found on the webpage and consider sharing at least one story of your own. Whether your story is inspired by a desire to coordinate gardening efforts in your neighborhood, document your neighborhood’s agricultural past, or to grow the local economy through sustainable urban agriculture, it, like the other stories on the website, will help us to connect with one another. Finally, I encourage you to discuss both the opportunities and the challenges so that others engaged in similar community building efforts may learn from your experiences.

Locally, the Treasure Valley Food Coalition (TVFC) has sown a few seeds in the bed— organized at least one event or activity for each month of the year. We’re hoping many more seeds will be sown and begin to grow as individuals and organizations across the state decide to participate. Several neighborhood associations in the Treasure Valley have already contacted us wanting to learn how they can get involved in the Year of Idaho Food. In response, we have put together a list (below) of ideas for neighborhood associations to consider implementing. Also, in a separate attachment is an electronic copy of the Year of Idaho Food general information flyer. Please distribute this as you see fit to members of your board and beyond. And finally, if the Treasure Valley Food Coalition can assist in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. TVFC is eager to hear about any and all food and garden-related initiatives taking root in Treasure Valley neighborhoods.

Thank you for your time and interest,

Amy Hutchinson, TVFC member






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