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Please comment – ACHD Budget & Projects

Dear Neighborhood Leaders,

Many have expressed interest or concern about how ACHD allocates roadway funds and how priority projects are selected, including intersections, sidewalk and bike lanes. Now is your opportunity to let your neighborhood be represented in funding decisions
This Thursday, July 28th, the Ada County Highway District will hold their first ever open house on their budget for next year, 2017.
In the past, few people show up to comment on their budget. This is a new effort to reach out to the public to make the $103 million spending plan understandable and approachable for comment.
“We would like to know what people think,” said Kent Goldthorpe, commission president. “Everyone has a stake in safe roadways and better ways of getting around. We have projects for motorists, cyclists and walkers in the budget and we need to know if people like the mix.”
The open house will occur from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. on July 28, 2016 in the ACHD Auditorium, 3775 Adams St., in Garden City. The ACHD Commission will consider the budget for approval with a public hearing in late August.
Please share this meeting opportunity with your members; it is a real opportunity for them and your association to speak and be heard on how your highway district tax funds are allocated.
Thank you, hope to see many of you there.
Kathleen M. Lacey

Comprehensive Planner/Neighborhood Coordinator
Planning & Development Services
150 N. Capitol Blvd.
Boise, ID  83702
Phone # – 208/384-3835