Monthly Archives: July 2015

WBNA Celebrates Our Good Neighbors

Good NeighborsOn the West Bench we have great neighbors. We help each other out, We watch out for our each other’s safety, property and well being. I think all of us can say we have a neighbor that has taken the initiative to help a neighbor.

Lets make sure our best neighbors in the West Bench are recognized this year. I encourage everyone to nominate an outstanding neighbor. Use this Nomination Form

Grant activities on hold

hold200Last November WBNA decided to join the Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant program. We decided 2015 would be the year of traffic box art for the west bench.

We created committees, those committees served on a jury to select artists and worked with the artists to create some fabulous works of art to adorn our neighborhoods. WBNA planned and executed a successful fundraiser yard sale (we made $358) we planned a meet and greet with the artists.

All that is on hold now until the city gets back on track with the bids. Boise weekly covered the events that lead us to where we are now. read this Boise Weekly Article for all the gory detail