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City Forester, Brian Jorgenson

Thank you Brian Jorgenson for your talk on City Forestry and the Neighborwoods Program.

“I have identified two currently underserved neighborhoods in west Boise, West Bench and WestValley.  I am currently focusing on West Bench Neighborhood as its size lends to better control and manageability for a pilot project.  I’ve identified several hundred potential planting sites in one are of the neighborhood, but these sites will have to be further screened for the owner’s desires, underground utilities etc.

Working with the Neighborhood Association is a vital component of NeighborWoods.  I hope West Bench neighborhood association will support this project and work with neighborhood planners and Community Forestry to make it happen.”

For those who missed the meeting last week here is a couple documents you may be interested in.

If you are interested in participating in this pilot program contact Brian at


Neighborwoods Presentation to West Bench NA




Mini Grant Approved!

We have been approved!

Contact Sara Baker project manager to volenteer.

WBNA Community outreach plan 2012

  1. Build partnerships with neighborhood businesses. Via face to face meetings with Businesses, Distribute Fliers and stickers.
  2. Host neighborhood open candidate forum for 2012 elections.
  3. Publicize neighborhood open candidate forum for 2012 elections to neighborhood residents by mailing postcards.

Description of Work

Print and distribute informational fliers welcoming neighborhood businesses to WBNA Boise.

Print and distribute window clings (see image) to local area businesses to promote partnerships.

Print and distribute invitations to WBNA members for 2012 Candidate forum.




Meeting Wednesday the 21st

In January due to extreem weather our meeting was canceled. So we have rescheduled with Charline Miller. Let’s show her a warm WBNA welcome.

As usual meeting will be held at 7:00 Pm at the Library on Cole and Ustick.

Charlene Miller from Boise Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit has accepted our invitation to speak about Neighborhood watch. Charlene will also be passing on our meeting invitation to neighborhood watch contacts in our area so they might share their experience.

Please take this opportunity to review the City’s Neighborhood Watch page HERE before the meeting

See you on the 21st