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Door-to-Door Solicitors & Home Security Tips

Dear Neighborhood Leaders,

It’s spring time and spring usually brings the door-to-door solicitors to Boise. Continue reading »

Boise Sentinal Spring 2011

Attached is the Spring/Summer edition of the new and improved Neighborhood Watch Newsletter, The Boise Sentinel. For the last 25 years it’s been The Boise Bark, but it was time for a change in the name and look.    I hope you enjoy it.

Boise Sentinel Spring 2011

Neighborhood Crime Bullitin

Dear Neighborhood Leader

One aspect of Neighborhood Watch is knowing about current crime, especially in our areas.  Below is the link to the Boise Neighborhood Crime Bulletins.  These do not show all the reported crime, but may give you an idea of what is occurring in the area.

To know which area comprises your neighborhood, I’ve provided a guide:

Cloverdale (B1) – west of Five Mile Rd
Maple Grove (B2) – between Five Mile and Cole Rd
Central Bench (B3) – between Cole and Curtis, but taking in the I-84 Y
Orchard (B4) – between Curtis and Owyhee
Vista (B5) – between Owyhee and Federal Way

Northwest (V1) – west of 36th St, north of Garden City
Downtown Boise (V2) – Rose St to Broadway
North End (V3) – between 36th and 6th, north of State
Broadway (V4) between Federal Wy/Capitol to Gekeler, south of Reserve to Warm Springs
Southeast (V5) east of Gekeler, south of Warm Springs, but taking in Warm Springs Mesa and Harris Ranch

For more detailed crime, check and click on their Crime Mapping site.

For more information on the Neighborhood Watch program, please contact me.    Thank you,

Charlene Miller
Crime Prevention Unit
Boise Police Department
333 N. Sailfish Place
Boise,   ID  83704

Mayor at Library! at Cole and Ustick Saturday

Mayor brings his ‘Office Hours’  to West Boise library next week

Boise Mayor David H. Bieter will take his “Saturday Office Hours” on the road to West Boise next week, meeting with citizens at the Library! at Cole and Ustick, 7557 West Ustick Road.

The event is open to all residents and will run from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, March 26.

No appointment is necessary. Visitors will be welcomed on a first-come basis and will have up to 10 minutes each to talk to Mayor Bieter about any topic related to city government.

Mayor Bieter has conducted his “Saturday Office Hours” sessions every few months since taking office in 2004. All citizens are encouraged to participate by bringing to the Mayor’s attention any issue they feel is important. There is no limit to possible topics for discussion; past conversations have included the City’s budget, ideas on how to improve the city, transportation issues, and many others

Hidden Hollow

After my recent bathroom remodel I had a trailer full of shower stall parts and drywall. So this weekend I was off to the Dump. Like many people I don’t make it to the Ada county landfill very often. Many things haven’t changed, You still need to wear a hat to protect against seagull bombs, and the view is still awesome. But there are changes coming in April. here is a snip from

Disposal by Weight not Volume
Due to new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations regarding greenhouse gas emissions, all landfill waste must now be accepted by weight rather than volume. Beginning in early April 2011, ALL waste coming into the Ada County Landfill will be weighed using truck scales. Vehicles will drive over these scales, so the weight of their load can be calculated. This change will not affect rates since fees will still be assessed by volume.
Landfill Traffic Pattern
With the addition of scales at the landfill, all customers dropping off waste will notice a slight change in the traffic pattern as they are routed to where the scales are located. Vehicles will now be weighed entering and leaving the landfill, and customers will make payment after unloading their trash.
Visit or call Ada County Solid Waste Management at 577-4725.

Porch Talk Spring 2011

Porch Talk is a newsletter produced by the Mayor’s office and the City of Boise to help inform neighborhoods of upcoming events and other activities which may be of interest.

Download the PDF File here


Smart Phone Information

Do you share images on the internet? This PSA is for you.

Technology is a great thing. our gadgets do so much stuff. but sometimes the default settings are not appropriate for everyone. Take a moment to watch this short clip, and educate yourself on one particular pitfall associated with digital pictures.

This is something you might need to know and pass on to your neighbors.
 We often take photos with our cell phones, especially Smart Phones, and need to know the dangers as well as preventive measures to take in order to protect our family and our private information.   Click on the link below to watch the news story.      

Charlene Miller
Boise Police Department Crime Prevention Unit

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