Grants announced

At Fairmont Park today Boise Neighborhoods were rewarded for their hard work with the current round of Neighborhood Investment Grants.

Read the full press release here

Work at Spaulding scheduled for August 2nd

I wanted to pass along a correspondence that I had with our new project manager for Spaulding Ranch.

Here is that excerpt from Trevor Kesner

I wanted to reach out and let you, and the neighborhood association know about this upcoming project, because I am certain folks will notice workers on-site. It is important to convey to everyone that the contractor is a licensed and bonded Asbestos mitigation specialist, and there is absolutely no health risk to neighbors of Spaulding Ranch. It is also very important to let folks know that the hazardous materials being removed have no historic value, and will not affect, nor alter any of the original, historic features of the home or any ancillary buildings.

Share your Photos! What makes West Bench Great!

Energize Our Neighborhoods and the City of Boise want to highlight the things you and your neighbors love most about your neighborhood by featuring photos that showcase its unique attributes – anything from a landmark to a celebration.

We will choose winners weekly, and in addition to being featured on City channels, participants will be eligible to win a family package to Zoo Boise or IceWorld.

Here are the specifics on participating:

·         To enter, please submit a photo via email to or post a photo to your Instagram feed or Facebook page with the hashtag #ENERGIZEBOI.


·         We will choose photos each week to feature on the City of Boise Facebook and Instagram pages, the City of Boise weekly newsletter, “In the Know,” and in a slideshow to be shown at the Energize Boise Celebration in September.


·         Participants will be eligible to win a family package to Zoo Boise or IceWorld


Friends, this is important

Please take a moment and complete this survey. It’s results will guide investments in our neighborhood.

The purpose of these questions is to gather input about the West Bench Neighborhood from residents, people who work or own a business in the neighborhood, and families whose children attend school in the neighborhood. Your input and vision for West Bench will help us to identify areas of focus and projects that create a more unique, desirable, and livable neighborhood for everyone.

Click for Survey

Energize on Public Radio

Energize on Public Radio (LINK) Nikki telling Boise about Energize our Neighborhoods.

Boise National Street Service shareback event

Join us for food, drinks and merriment as we showcase and celebrate the work that our Boise National Street Service Volunteers completed in the spring. Volunteers have been working across the city to change the way we talk about our streets and public spaces. During this event, we will share the work they have done, what we have learned and how we can move forward together to make Boise streets a better place for everyone. Please join us to be part of the conversation.


Register HERE



West Bench Neighborhood Accosiation


WEDNESDAY JUNE 13th, 2018 | 5:30-7:00 P.M. | FAIRMONT PARK | 7925 W NORTHVIEW ST


  • All West Bench residents are invited to a Visioning Event for the West Bench Neighborhood. Come tell us what your ideal neighborhood looks like and learn about the City of Boise’s Energize Our Neighborhoods initiative.
  • Get involved to help identify future projects and programs for your neighborhood.


  • A visioning event brings neighborhood residents together to develop           a shared vision for where they live, work and play.
  • No idea is too big or small – the goal is to think creatively and passionately about future investments that support the neighborhood’s shared vision.

To learn more about the visioning event, please contact Nikki Drake at 208/570-6849 or



Energize Our Neighborhoods is a community collaboration to help make our neighborhoods unique and desirable. By aligning resources, we can improve livability and make measurable change.


Valley Connect 2.0 Plan

Recently we had the opportunity to hear from VRT at our member meeting at the time they were looking for input from the community to apply to their long range plans

Click below for the finalised plan.  Valley Connect 2.0

May 10th Agenda

May 10th Agenda

At a meeting of WBNA Board members (Minutes here) WBNA Board Decided we would have a visioning event of our own.

Board member Jonathan Melby will lead the group in a brainstorming session
to help guide WBNA using the base question What does it mean for WBNA to be Successful? .

Intended deliverable will be a loosely prioritized List of neighborhood goals.



The Boise City Council has been discussing ways to engage Boise residents on issues that we all care about. In a survey sent out early in the year, many residents said that they’d like to hear from us through town halls, similar to how they hear from their legislators. The first town hall will be held from 7-9 p.m. on Wednesday, April 11 at Fire Station 4, at 8485 Ustick Road.

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