Time to pick up the park!

See you Saturday!

10:00 Saturday Morning Mountain View Park

September 21st is Parking day

This looks fun
Keep an eye out on Friday


Public meeting Mountain View Elementary

Developer is holding a public meeting to preview plans to replace Mountain View Elementary

See notice below

Sep 20th at 6:00 pm at Mt View Elementary

Developer Meeting Notice

September 14th Meeting

WBNA was approached by Citizens for Better Transportation who offered to present their case for a ballot item that would increase vehicle registration fees intended to keep up with growth in Ada County.

WBNA strives to not take sides on political debate. With that said, our guests last night had interesting things to say about the future transportation challenges in Ada County, I feel it is worth our time to educate ourselves.

Citizens for Better Transportation is a group of pedestrian and bicycle safety advocates, ACHD Commissioners, builders, developers, engineers, lawyers and others concerned about the future of Ada County.



Visioning Event Tomorrow September 12th


We are holding these visioning events with Energize our Neighborhoods to collect the desires of our neighborhood.
This is an important first step on the path to addressing the needs and desires of our slice of Boise on the West Bench.

Please join us Wed, September 12, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

King of Glory Lutheran Church at 3430 N Maple Grove Rd (map)

Picnic shelter update

The poll is complete and you have spoken! Of 88 votes The Chelsea choice has been chosen by 10 votes.

I think this shelter will look great at Fairmont Park for years to come.

Choose our new Shelter for Fairmont Park

Please Vote! Poll closes on Aug 1st

We have 2 options for picnic shelters

  • Chelsea 20 X 24' (56%, 49 Votes)
  • Arch 20' X 21' (44%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 88

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Chelsea 20 X 24 feet

Arch 20 X 21 Feet


Grants announced

At Fairmont Park today Boise Neighborhoods were rewarded for their hard work with the current round of Neighborhood Investment Grants.

Read the full press release here

Work at Spaulding scheduled for August 2nd

I wanted to pass along a correspondence that I had with our new project manager for Spaulding Ranch.

Here is that excerpt from Trevor Kesner

I wanted to reach out and let you, and the neighborhood association know about this upcoming project, because I am certain folks will notice workers on-site. It is important to convey to everyone that the contractor is a licensed and bonded Asbestos mitigation specialist, and there is absolutely no health risk to neighbors of Spaulding Ranch. It is also very important to let folks know that the hazardous materials being removed have no historic value, and will not affect, nor alter any of the original, historic features of the home or any ancillary buildings.

Share your Photos! What makes West Bench Great!

Energize Our Neighborhoods and the City of Boise want to highlight the things you and your neighbors love most about your neighborhood by featuring photos that showcase its unique attributes – anything from a landmark to a celebration.

We will choose winners weekly, and in addition to being featured on City channels, participants will be eligible to win a family package to Zoo Boise or IceWorld.

Here are the specifics on participating:

·         To enter, please submit a photo via email to communityengagement@cityofboise.org or post a photo to your Instagram feed or Facebook page with the hashtag #ENERGIZEBOI.


·         We will choose photos each week to feature on the City of Boise Facebook and Instagram pages, the City of Boise weekly newsletter, “In the Know,” and in a slideshow to be shown at the Energize Boise Celebration in September.


·         Participants will be eligible to win a family package to Zoo Boise or IceWorld