Meeting Minutes Archive

West Bench Neighborhood Accosiation

January Meeting 2021

February 14, 2021

Ronnie, Jeannette, Mary Margaret, Graham, Jonathan, Rochelle, Betty, Aaron England  attended.
Jonathan gave the Treasurers update 649.90 in checking and $25 in savings.

Grants were explained by Jonathan. How to get them.
Signs are being made for the sign toppers of streets. Watch for them.
No money for Settlers yet and no news on it
No planting date for anything further at Spaulding Ranch
ACHD confirmed sign locations
Elections next month will be put on “Next Door” by Rochelle. Her and Graham will work together to get this going for the February meeting
Jonathan said he will stay the Treasurer unless someone else wants it
Suggestion to meet this spring and summer at Fairmont Park with social distance
Zoom February meeting – voted seconded
Sending out Postcard/My husband
Ron is sending out Annual Report / Web Form
Things we accomplished for 2020:4 Utility boxes done Spaulding Ranch sagebrush planted, goats put on the land, irrigation Settlers had the plans drawn up and okayed Toppers were designed and are now being made Mayor and Chief of Police were present at one meeting Trash pickup at Mountain View
Easter hunt canceled…holding the bunny suit for later

Participating building Energize
2021 meeting suggestions: Social distance gathering individual ice cream giving out June clean up day for all the neighborhood of WBNA Post garden tour – Pictures? Selfie with all the street topper signs Painted rock contest Color pictures colored for Easter / April 4Community Garden on Cabarton Street property discussed Do we want to get involved with zoning meetings
Pictures from stuff we did 2020
Sandwich boards for Annual meeting

Annual Meeting 2020

February 13, 2020

Ronnie Marlar welcomed a crowd of over 35 people to the annual meeting. 

Jonathan gave the Treasurers report – Checking $438.70

  Savings – $25.00

  2020 Mini Grant – $2,000.00

Ronnie explained to the new-comers that we are an unincorporated non-profit.  Jonathan added that he has investigated the 501C status and it is considerable paperwork, but feels that it can be accomplished.

Ronnie reviewed the associations accomplishments this past year.

    Settlers Canal – we are working with the University of Idaho on landscaping and developing a linear park that is pedestrian friendly.

    Capital Grants will help the association with an “identity kit” which includes a logo representing our neighborhood, sign toppers and other marketing information.  The Community Building Committee has had several meetings on this subject as well as future plans for our association 

    Fairmont Park picnic shelter and additional walking path were celebrated with a potluck at the site

    Planting at Spaulding Ranch – sage and bitter brush was planted in about 1/4 of the future park by WBNA members and volunteers 

    Yard Sale – the annual yard sale made just over $200.

    Mountain View Park – the last Saturday of each month we clean up our adopted park and Mary Margaret reports our hours to the city.  Any damaged trees, vandalism or concerns in the park are reported as well.

  2020 plans for the coming year – 

  • Working with city as we are an “energize” area which means we get additional funds and help from the city to energize our neighborhood.   Ronnie explained to the new comers about the work that was accomplished in the Vista Neighborhood several years ago with this program.
  •   Outreach events to make residents aware of projects 
  •   Our first Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for April 11 at Fairmont Park
  •   Planting the orchard at Spaulding Ranch this fall
  •   A Fall Festival is in the planning stages, TBA

   Rochelle suggested that we give more details on where Spaulding is and our plans for the park.  Ronnie obliged with more details on where it is situated.  The Barn, when restored, will be an events center, weddings – parties, farm to table gardens, walking paths and much more.  BUGS will provide classes as well.  The old Ranch House will be offices and smaller meeting spaces for our West Bench Neighborhood Association and other organizations.  As it is completed there will be more and more partners and people using the space.  The plans are on our WBNA website as well as Boise City Parks and Recreation website.  Discussion followed. 

Ronnie turned the meeting over to Rochelle to conduct the elections of officers.  

Rochelle thanked all the officers for their hard work this last year.  

New officers for 2020 are:  

  • President – Ronnie Marler
  • Vice President – Jody Hull
  • Secretary – Annie Fuller
  • Treasurer- Jonathan Melby
  • New board Members:  Ken Miller, Aaron England, Diane Wilmore and Joe Gordon

   Next regular meeting is March 12, 7:00 PM, Cole/Ustick Library

West Bench Neighborhood Association

Regular Meeting January 9, 2020

President Ronnie Marler called the meeting to order.

Johnathan presented the treasurer’s report of $555.45 in checking and $25.00 in savings.  The 2020 mini grant of $2,000.00 is now available.  Rochelle inquired about what the mini-grant funded.  Discussion followed on ineligible uses as well as activities that have been planned.

Annual report – Ronnie will submit it by the end of the month.

The post card reminder for our annual meeting in February was discussed.  Annie will make care of refreshments for that meeting.  We will set up at 7:15.  Meeting from 7:30 to 8:45.  The agenda will be

  • Treasurer’s report
  • Annual report
  • Election of officers/board
  • In-house survey on “branding” for the attendees – with voting by the “dot” method 

An on-line survey concerning the branding suggestions will be completed by February 20 so the artist, Nancy Jasper, can present ideas at the March meeting.

The Fall Interactive Meeting for all Neighborhood Associations will be held at Capital High School  his fall.  -It is a day of seminars and speakers that was very well attended last year at Borah High School.  

It was suggested to invite the newly elected Mayor to our annual meeting or a future meeting with a tour of the Settlers Canal and Spaulding Ranch.  Annie had visited with her on the phone during the campaign about our plans and hopes for the West Bench.

Ronnie reported that the ditch company and the city have decided on a plan to pipe part of the ditch and leave the trees intact and some areas of the ditch exposed.  The wetlands area was discussed.  Apples and pears trees will be planted in the orchard.

In addition to the postcard notice of our annual meeting.  Rochelle will put a sandwich board with the announcement on Mountain View and we will have one at the library.