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West Bench Neighborhood Accosiation

West Bench Neighborhood Association

Regular Meeting January 9, 2020

President Ronnie Marler called the meeting to order.

Johnathan presented the treasurer’s report of $555.45 in checking and $25.00 in savings.  The 2020 mini grant of $2,000.00 is now available.  Rochelle inquired about what the mini-grant funded.  Discussion followed on ineligible uses as well as activities that have been planned.

Annual report – Ronnie will submit it by the end of the month.

The post card reminder for our annual meeting in February was discussed.  Annie will make care of refreshments for that meeting.  We will set up at 7:15.  Meeting from 7:30 to 8:45.  The agenda will be

  • Treasurer’s report
  • Annual report
  • Election of officers/board
  • In-house survey on “branding” for the attendees – with voting by the “dot” method 

An on-line survey concerning the branding suggestions will be completed by February 20 so the artist, Nancy Jasper, can present ideas at the March meeting.

The Fall Interactive Meeting for all Neighborhood Associations will be held at Capital High School  his fall.  -It is a day of seminars and speakers that was very well attended last year at Borah High School.  

It was suggested to invite the newly elected Mayor to our annual meeting or a future meeting with a tour of the Settlers Canal and Spaulding Ranch.  Annie had visited with her on the phone during the campaign about our plans and hopes for the West Bench.

Ronnie reported that the ditch company and the city have decided on a plan to pipe part of the ditch and leave the trees intact and some areas of the ditch exposed.  The wetlands area was discussed.  Apples and pears trees will be planted in the orchard.

In addition to the postcard notice of our annual meeting.  Rochelle will put a sandwich board with the announcement on Mountain View and we will have one at the library.