Annual Meeting Minutes 2019

West Bench Neighborhood Association 

 Annual Meeting    2-14-2019

     President Ronnie Marler welcomed the crowd of 40 people to the annual meeting.  Flying Pie pizza was served as well as a variety of drinks at the Cole/Ustick Library.  Ronnie announced that the Fairmont Park project will start the week of February 18.  

        Nikki Drake from Boise City, who has been helping us with Energize Boise, gave a presentation on our Visioning efforts for the West Bench.  She went over each question that was asked as well as mailed in comments.   The findings are now posted on our website.  

         The next step that the city requires is an Open House which has been scheduled for April 10 at Morley Nelson Elementary School from 6-8 pm.  Each household in our association will be mailed a postcard and invited to attend.  Tables with the different ideas from the feed back will be manned  for additional comments.  For those who can’t attend, a mail-in voting option is available.         

Nikki stated that from the groups of people interested in the various projects – they will then be assigned to that project.  

     Question on how much money is available.  Nikki answered that it depends on several variables.  The Visa Neighborhood projects that cover 3 years were discussed.  Private businesses in the Vista area were also asked for help.  Wells Fargo, Eco Development and the Visa Business Association contributed to the neighborhood.

Another question was what kind of response did we get from the events.  2.7% of our population in West Bench responded, which is low but will not effect our funding.

 Nikki encouraged everyone to attend the Boise Neighborhood Interactive Conference this next Saturday at Borah High School.  There are 8 spots left.  She then turned the meeting back to Ronnie.

Ronnie spoke about this year’s events that he would like to see accomplished and needed input on setting dates for a yard sale, picnic, bike registration, and neighborhood night out.

Ronnie turned the meeting over to Rochelle who was the contact person for nominations for election of officers  The election results are as follows:

President – Ron Marler

Vice President – Jim Hall

Secretary – Mary Margaret Draper

Treasure – Jonathan Melby

New Board Members are:

David Shaw

Gorden Simpson

Warren Bean

Graham Patterson