WBNA Meeting Jan 10th 2019

      Ronnie started the meeting reminding everyone about the Interaction Visionary on February 16 at Borah High School.

          Warren reported $495.04 in the treasury.

We discussed the out reach Art Zone event where we provided refreshments, gave out information and visited with people about Energize Boise.  It was well received and many residents were interested.

     Ronnie explained the Zoom Grants to several new people attending.  

     The Board is working on sign toppers for our area.  Jon had taken pictures of the intersections where the “West Bench” signs would be posted.  It was moved, seconded and passed that we are ask for 10 signs.   Boise City Arts and History designed a package that gives instructions on the process to get the signs which includes budget, letter of cooperation, maps where the signs will be displayed, etc.  Sign toppers are the 1st stage of branding your area.  The second is stand alone signs (landmark status) that are larger which we will pursue in the next budget cycle. 

     Several new comers ask about this past year’s projects and Ronnie showed pictures of the picnic shelter that is on order as well as maps showing the new fence and walking path in Fairmont park.

     The Annual meeting – February 14 was discussed as it is election of officers.  Call Rochelle if you are interested in running for an office or serving on the Board.  After discussion it was decided to have pizza, vegetable plate, pop and cider for refreshments.  Rochelle will order pizza.  

The reminder post card will be mailed for the annual meeting.  There was lots of input on the wording for the announcement card. 

     Community education classes are discussed.  

     Jon commented that he is looking forward to the next 11/2 to two years with the signs that will help identify our area.

     The March meeting is also the 14 with the program being Code Enforcement.