WBNA Regular meeting Sep 13, 2018

Minutes of the 9-13-18 Regular meeting of WBNA


  •  Ronnie introduced Craig Quintana who spoke to us about Citizens for Better Transportation.  The group supports an increase in vehicle registration in the election this November.
  • Cost?  New car fee would be $70; $63 for a vehicle three to six years old and $42 for one that’s seven or more years old.  Todays those fees are $40, $36 and $24.
  • What would we get? 
  • Congestion relief: ‘smart signal’, technology, more turn lanes
  • Large Improvements:  State Street and Linder Road corridors
  • New Sidewalks, bike facilities and Safe Routes to School

The last times fees were increased was 2008.  Developers do pay for 2 lane roads, but most roads need to be 5 lanes.  For more information see citizens4bettertransportation.com

Sarah Baker stated that ACHD has got to are care of West Ada County as well as Boise and there are numerous roads that need work in the County.  Discussion followed.

Chip sealing was discussed as well as different routes around our area.

Ronnie talked about the efforts of Johnathan and Parks and Rec to get people to comment on what is needed in our area.  Ron asked Sarah about the ownership of Settlers Canal.  We have had many requests to beautify that area.  She will report back.  There are some small “slivers” of land that would be nice to put art work on, but not large enough to build a dwelling.  Sarah will check on those as well.  If Boise City would buy them and then Parks and Rec could develop them with benches or art work.

Ronnie would like to have a committee meeting before our next regular meeting (Nov 8). to discuss grants for next year.  He will put out a survey monkey offering several dates.  Tuesday seem to be the best day of the week.

Warren suggested that we post the Citizens for Better Transportation information on our web site.

Next regular meeting  November 8.