Annual Meeting Minutes 2-9-2018

Ronnie Marler introduced himself to the group and stated that this year would be a great opportunities for volunteers.  He reviewed some of the projects from 2017.

  • Fairmont Park improvements – picnic facilities, walking path and fence
  • Neighborhood Night Out
  • Adopt a park – Mountain View
  • Boise Bike Blvd

National Street Service has chosen Boise to participate.  This does not mean new streets but possible stop or yield signs where needed or art work. benches and other improvements.  A video was show featuring “street rangers” in San Francisco

Election of Officers

President – Ronnie Marler

Vice President – Jim Hull

Secretary – Mary Margaret Draper

Treasurer – Warren Bean

Board Members are officers plus the following:

Jeanette Marler

Fairy Hitchcock

Annie Fuller

Rochelle Schasten

Jonathan Melby

Dan Burtrick

Energize Our Neighborhood of Boise has chosen the West Bench as the next recipient for public safety, enhanced livability for our area, bike paths, housing projects activities for youth and the like.  Energize was started in 2014 with – areas of need.  The Vista Neighborhood was the first area helped with collaboration of residents playing a key role.  The presentation had to be cut short as the library was closing, but we need to be engaged, find livability focus areas, internal alignment and strategic leadership as well as an operational team.  The city will make another presentation at a later date.  Ronnie will call a board meeting to brainstorm projects.

Next meeting March 8.  Time to be announced.