Meeting Minutes 11-14-2017

Ronnie welcomed several new people to our group.

The Fairmont Park concepts from Parks and Rec were displayed on the screen showing the walking paths and covered picnic area.  There is $500,000 allotted for the improvements.  The Capital Grant will include 4 tables in the picnic area under an open shelter plus a 5 foot wide sidewalk to accommodate wheelchairs to the area as well as an  improved sidewalk from Northview.  Keith Takman’s property is adjacent to the walking path that will go from Milwaukee near the existing fence and through the back of the school grounds.  Keith was concerned about a new fence as his was destroyed by fire and students go through his property as a short cup to Wesley Street and Westland Street. The group voted on what should be done first.

A vote was conducted o prioritize what project will be done first –  5 votes in favor of the picnic area and 7 for the walking path.  Ronnie will advise Parks and Rec of our decision.

Questions from the new attendees on the boundaries of our association were answered and again the screen was used to project a map of our area.

The mini grant (mailers) to notify the public for our annual meeting as well as accomplishments this year is $1,500.00.  It cost $1200.00 for last year’s mailing.

Those attending the Boise Neighborhood Interatciive Collaboration  reported that the sessions were informative  Fairy reported on several other active groups and encouraged all of us to be aware of what is going other areas of the city

Future meeting are – regular meeting January 11, 2018

Annual meeting and elections February 8

Regular meeting March 8