WBNA Regular Meeting Sept 14, 2017

The Spaulding Ranch Master Plan Is to be presented to Boise Parks and Recreation, September 21 at 4.  Ronnie will attend.  It was moved, seconded and voted unanimously that he would speak for the Association stating that the citizens of this the West Bench have had many opportunities to comment on the different Proposals that have been presented and the association is in favor of the latest plan.

Fairy shared the Boise Bike Boulevard Coalition (BBBC) mission and vision with the group.  They are working for lower stress by connecting bike routes in Boise.  They are encouraging people to visit their website https://www.facebook.com/boisebikeboulevardcoalition/  Fairy stated that they would like comments on routes which can be seen on their Facebook page.  Discussion followed on crosswalk traffic and traffic rules.

Boise Neighborhood Interactive is sponsoring a day of sharing, with focus on community topics – most important to you.  The cost is $10- $15 depending on when you register.  Ronnie, Betty are going to attend.  It was moved seconded and passed that WBNS will pay for their tickets.

Grant timelines.  Ronnie brought up several meetings that the city encourages us to attend to help with our grant writing.  They are:

City Project Manager Open House, Sept 26 from 5-7 at the Eardly Senior Center, 690 Robbins Road (Fort Boise)   Zoom Grants Training Workshops – November 9 – 6:30-7:30 at our library in the Sagebrush Room.  That is also our regular meeting night.  We plan to attend both by moving our meeting to 7:30 which will be in the Bitterroot room.

The city announced the Neighborhood Investment Program Application and Project Timeline

— November 1, 1917, application open

— January 31, 2018 application closes

—July 2018, announce project funding

— October 2018, implementation begins

Questions arose about 4 months between applications closing and the announcement of funding and implementation is almost into the next year.

Ronnie spoke wih Jennifer at the city about Fairmont Park improvements.  We want Parks and Rec aware that we want to help with small projects through our grants

BoiseNAN is a private neighborhood coalition group that shares what different neighborhood associations are doing.  Fairy has attended and stated that discussions are very interesting.  Usually held the first Wednesdayof the month.  The is also a Citizens Planning Academy that meet at the former courthouse to discuss city planning, conditional use permits and transit issues.

Next meeting November 9 at 7:30.  Everyone is encouraged to attend the “Zoom Grant” meeting at 6:30 before our regular meeting.  Both meetings are at the library.