WBNA Regular Meeting, May 11, 2017

Ronnie welcomed every one.  He introduced Colby, head of the Community Building Committee who discussed the garage sale.  Discussion followed on combining the sale with a celebration with music.  It will be in the Valley View Elementary School parking lot on June 10th.  After discussion it was decided to have the yard sale with music from 9 to 3.  Set up at 8.  Sale from 9-3.  We will meet again next month at the library on June 8th to finalize details of the yard sale.

Ronnie gave an interesting demonstration of how easy it is to change our website as he would like to have help.  The sponsors at this time are not paying for advertising.  The program is WordPress and is easy to use.  Ronnie showed us how many “hits” we are getting and how to access the mailing list.  He also showed us how easy it was to send an email to the different mailing lists.  He explained about having “one voice” so that the website reflects our goals.  He and Colby will work on an announcement to be added to the website about the yard sale this weekend.

Non-profit status was discussed.

Colby asked about other committees.  Ronnie explained that the board has taken care of most duties but in the future it would be nice to have committee chairs.  The Public Agency Committee was discussed as it monitors public meetings.  Ronnie demonstrated by going into the Boise City web page and checking on agendas of the City which has public notices on sign review, new business in the area, conditional use permits, COMPASS and ACHD.

Testifying at public meetings was also discussed.  We now have an article in place that if something comes up between our regular meetings  we can have an “e-mail” ballot to allow someone in our organization to testify as a representative of WBNA.

Next meeting June 87:00 PM Bitterroot Room – Library