Meeting Minutes 1/12/2017

WBNA Association Regular Meeting – January 12, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Ronnie Marlar with announcing the next step in the development of Spaulding Ranch.  A meeting, February 1, 2017 at Valley View Elementary from 6-8:30 will reveal the preliminary plans that Parks and Rec have made from the comments of our first two meetings. Discussion followed on the condition of the buildings with the silo being propped up by a temporary fix.  Asbestos abatement may be another concern

The year in review – wrap-up of 2016 (copy on website)

Events – Adopted Mountain View Park – District 16 Town Hall Forum – Two meetings involving Spaulding Ranch – Fairmont Park updates and improvements

Grants – the new trifold was edited and printed – card for neighborhood interest will be mailed and signal wraps

2017 Grant proposal was submitted by Jim and Ron – applied for $41,000 to include 6 more signal wraps, sign posts to mark the WBNA area, Neighborhood Nigh Out – Janet will chair tis, Possibly celebrate the new fire station completion

Discussion followed on the above items

2017 WBNA election will be at the February annual meeting on the 9th

Curbside Compost Collection presented by Colin Hickman, Boise City Public Works Communication Manager – Office 972-8497

Colin gave a history of curbside service improvements going back to leaf pickup in 1990.  Recycling is increasing every year, but a study shows that 45.79% of the garbage can be made into compost.  Discussion followed on costs, rates and revenue.  Benefits – Unlimited pickup for leaves, grass and other organics each week.  The compost will be tested and certified.  FREE to those in program.  Public education will start in February.  The public will deciding on their cart size in March and delivery of carts starting in June.