WBNA Meeting Minutes of 3-14-2013

President Ronnie Marler called the meeting to order.

Moved, seconded and approved to accept the minutes as posted from the annual meeting in February.

Most of the group had attended the ACHD meeting on bike paths and the pedestrian survey. Maps were displayed and comments submitted with pins in the areas of comments. The ACHD website is also taking comments. By clicking on the pushpins at the “website” you can see other comments. Temporary bike

“share” lanes were questioned concerning the term “temporary”. Discussion followed. More discussion on a plan for Cole Road. Comments are wanted and needed on this project as well.

Justin Lukus is the lead on the bike path/ pedestrian project and would be glad to talk to our association. The open house covered 4 neighborhood associations.

Ronnie explain the different committees in our by-laws. He suggested that if we have active committees that are up-to-date and prepared for new growth or policies that come up. It is a good way to get people involved in WBNA. He read from the by-laws about the Public Agency Committee where he and Betty serve This committee monitors agendas of the Boise City Council and Planning Department for any activity that may impact our neighborhood. Ronnie gave a brief history of Walmart and said that if we had reserved the “right to comment” then we can testify and be heard on this type of project in the future. We need to be proactive not reactive in these situations.


The Neighborhood Reinvestment Committee seeks grants for projects in the neighborhood. It needs as associate manager. The President and Treasurer area required on this committee. The Candidate Forums and the “clings” advertising that businesses are a partner in WBNA were financed by this committee’s efforts.

The Grievance Committee received grievances or help neighbors who don’t feel they can report to our Code Enforcement Officer than this committee could request the Officer to deal with a situation. Discussion followed on large-homes turning into rentals and the rentals not getting notices on care of lawn or junked cars or the like,

Ronnie also addressed the Community Building committee which is more social and planning actives such as the Hyde Park Fair in North Boise. If we could partner with a business to cover liability it is a win-win situation. An antique car show or Sock hop at Sockeye was suggested. Ronnie encouraged everyone to sign up on line and report at the next meeting in May. Anyone can sign up for any committee.

Ann Ritter volunteered to talk with the Neighborhood Watch chair people in our area and STRONGLY suggest that they become active in the WBNA.

The next item was “what should WBNA be doing to address our neighborhood needs.

  • Emergency evacuation – if we had a catastrophic event where do people go for shelter or help – discussion on AdaCounty/Boise City disaster preparedness
  • Boise School Foundation offer funds and sometimes have money left. Have a committee build relationships as we have 7 schools in WBNA
  • November first is deadline for city grants


Ronnie thanked everyone for attending and announced the next meeting is May 9

Adjourned at 7:55

Respectfully submitted MM Draper.