Jan 2013 Meeting Minutes

7:00 meeting called top order with 28 members in attendance

  • Annual meeting moved to 6th
  • Motion to vote on authority of the Board concerning proposed development at Spaulding ranch.
  • “Allow WBNA Board of Directors to speak on behalf of it’s members at public meetings. For the purpose of supporting WBNA Board’s position on proposed Spaulding Ranch development  and it’s objection to any motion to lift historic overlays for such development.”
  • discussion around Spaulding ranch motion.
  • Vote 2 dissenting votes 2 abstaining ACHD votes 27 yes votes
  • Ash park sidewalk gaps ACHD looking at this.
  • Vandalism and Neighborhood Contact Officers
  • Neighbor-woods program
  • Conversation about communication from City planning.
  • ACHD is working on Bicycle pedestrian plan for Boise Bench.

8:30 meeting adjourned