Community Building Committee

This is your chance to be engaged…Please  Volunteer

Purpose is to bring the people of the community together in fun, informal ways so that the people of the neighborhood may get to know each other.  It is these informal meetings and activities that often form the foundation of the strongest Associations.  The difference between the Neighborhood Reinvestment Committee and the Community Building Committee is that the Neighborhood Reinvestment Committee is project oriented, and the Community Building Committee is activity oriented.

We are having a garage sale/event at Valley View Elementary School on June 10th from 9:00 AM till 3:00 PM. Donate, volunteer, or just come buy some stuff! With these funds we can help fund future activities and work for WBNA.

Committee Chair Kolby Wood





community-clean-up-clipart-1Being good stewards of our public spaces is an important goal for our neighborhood and our Association.

West Bench Neighborhood Association is excited to have adopted Mt. View Park. We are also proud to the first Boise Neighborhood Association to adopt a park!

Monthly meetups at the park will be 8:30AM on the last Saturday of each month, and should last about 30 minutes. the purpose of these gatherings will be to police for trash and evaluate maintenance needs for the park.

Other events may be planned and scheduled as needed to tackle larger tasks that might require resources from Boise Parks and Recreation.



Adopt-A-Park Manualpdf


link Username: WBNABOISE

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