Increase in vehicle burglaries

I was notified by our Crime Analysis Unit that since May (2010), there has been a significant increase in vehicle burglaries throughout Boise. The areas on the bench that have experienced the highest increase are:

Area between Mitchell/Northview
Area around Milwaukee, Fairview to Ustick
Business and neighborhoods in the Fairview/Cole area
Between Fairview/Northview, Cole to Curtis
Alpine/Owyhee area

The areas in the valley have experienced the highest increase are:
Area around Taft/28th
Area around 26th north of Main
Hale, east of Broadway area

Other areas have also seen increases. The majority of entries are made through unlocked doors and open windows. The peak times have been early morning hours, but we’ve taken reports where these are occurring from mid-afternoon through 8 a.m.

This is a preventable crime. No one wants to experience loss of property, damage, or the hassle these can cause. Please encourage your neighbors to remove property from their vehicles, roll up their windows and to lock them. Installing motion sensor lights that are triggered by anything 45 lbs or greater, or photo cell (dusk-to-dawn) lights, that are properly positioned can be effective in deterring criminals.

Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!

Charlene Miller
Crime Prevention Unit
Boise Police Department
333 N. Sailfish Place
Boise, ID 83704

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