Door to Door Alarm Sales

I received information about another alarm company selling security systems door-to-door.   This one does (as

of today) have the Boise City License to sell, but they are telling residents about the “burglary down the street that recently occurred” to make their sale.  Many solicitors use scare tactics and fear to make their sales, and they often prey on elderly residents who live alone or those who don’t know their neighborhood well.    Just because a company is licensed with Boise City does not mean their business practices are ethical, but it means we have some information and contact names for them.

If you answer your door (which you don’t have to do) to solicitors, ask them for the Boise City License to sell, and if they don’t have one (for any excuse) you can shut the door on them.  If any solicitor attempts to use scare tactics by telling you of crime in the neighborhood, that should also be a warning to you.     You don’t need to take their word for crime in your area.   Get on the internet and go to , click on Crime Mapping, type in your address and click on the listed crime types.    That will give you a map of reported crime within the last 3 months.  Or, you can contact me to find out if there has been recently reported crime in your area.

If someone down the street was burglarized, was it preventable?    Maybe the victim forgot to close their garage door and that’s how the criminal entered the home.    There is quite a difference between a random burglary and a rash of residential burglaries through forced entry.  I think a security system can be very effective, but we also need to make sure we are using basic security measures to prevent most burglaries:

When you consider the security of your home, think of preventive measures you are currently using:

Do you have good quality dead bolt locks on all your entry doors, including the door connecting your home to the garage?   If you have them, do you use them during the day as well as the night?

Do you have 2 – 3″ screws in the strike plate (where the bolt goes into the door frame) which makes it more secure?

Do you keep your garage door shut when you are not using it?

Do you have windows that are secured?   You can secure them so they can be opened 4 – 5 “, and you get fresh air.

Do you have a peep hole or a window in your front door so you can see who is at your door before you open it?

Do you have properly positioned outside lights that come on at night and go off in the morning (dusk-to-dawn) or motion sensor lighting?

Do you remove your personal property from your vehicle and then lock the vehicle?

Do you keep your shrubs and trees pruned or trimmed, especially those that are around your windows and doorways?

Do you know and talk to your neighbors, and help keep watch over each other’s property?

If you are consistently using the above measures, your chances of being burglarized are reduced drastically, because most residential burglaries (break-ins) are through unlocked doors, open garage doors, and unsecured windows.     If you want to know more about securing your home without feeling like you’re living in a fortress, feel free to contact me.

If you are considering a security system, look at a few different companies, check them with the Better Business Bureau, ask for references from the companies, and find out how long they’ve operated in Boise.   Ask friends who have a system about how user-friendly it is and their experience with the company.   There are a number of different types of security systems available, so do some research to find the one best for your needs.   Be informed and be wise!

Thank you,
Charlene Miller
Charlene Miller
Crime Prevention Unit
Boise Police Department
333 N. Sailfish Place
Boise,   ID  83704

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