Crime Prevention Unit Alert

1) The Idaho Meth Project has asked me to help get the word out about their “Paint The State Contest” for teens ages 13 – 18 yoa. This contest has cash prizes for the winners and is working to get the anti-meth message out throughout the state. Attached is the flyer with the information. Please pass this on to your neighbors, especially those with teenagers.

2) National Night Out is Tuesday, August 3rd. This year on August 3rd, we want to recognize those in your neighborhood, especially youth (of any age), who do good in their neighborhood. Do you know an individual who mows the lawn for someone ill (and doesn’t charge them), or helps neighbors in other ways? Do you know of someone who helps by planning, organizing or volunteering in neighborhood clean-ups, yard sales, or block parties? The good works are endless, so put on your observation cap and start looking for those who help out in your area, and I’ll send out nomination forms soon. It’s exciting to recognize those doing good in our own neighborhoods!!

3) Vehicle burglaries. Yes, they are increasing now that the weather is warming and it stays light later. There are several streets that have had an increase in vehicle burglaries (break-ins), but it is all over Boise that these are occurring. The majority of the burglaries are unlocked vehicles with property (purses, cash, Ipods, etc) left in them. Please send this to your neighbors and let’s remove our property, lock our vehicles, and not become a target for these criminals.

4) Please be aware and alert of door-to-door salesmen. We have a group going through Boise stating they are with “PDX Security Systems” and that they are affiliated with the Boise Police Dept. These two salesmen told a resident that crime has been increasing in this neighborhood and they were looking for a home to “sponsor” for a security system. The resident asked for the ID’s and any literature on their product. They didn’t have any written information. The resident told the men to leave and not come back.

Remember, all door-to-door salesmen must have a Boise City license to sell on their person. The Boise Police Department is not affiliated with any business, and there is not any specific neighborhood where crime is increasing at this time.

Be wise and safe. You don’t need to open your door to anyone you don’t know or are not expecting.

Thank you,

Charlene Miller


Charlene Miller
Crime Prevention Unit
Boise Police Department
333 N. Sailfish Place
Boise, ID 83704

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