Dog Off-Leash Education Sessions

dog-park-webCity hosts 10 education sessions about dog rules, off-leash areas
Neighbors who have questions about dog parks and off-leash policies are invited to join city representatives at 10 education sessions in May and June.

Representatives of Boise Parks & Recreation, the City Clerk’s Office and the Boise Police Department will answer questions and distribute information in parks and preserves throughout the city.

The goal is to explain rules pertaining to dog leashing, licensing and removal of pet waste. City representatives also hope pet owners with help with compliance.

The dog off-leash areas and parks are intended to provide neighborhoods with accessible places for owners to exercise their pets and enjoy time with their dogs said Doug Holloway, director of Boise Parks & Recreation. We welcome the opportunity to hear feedback from neighbors about our parks and policies.

Each meeting location offers daily dog-off leash hours approved by the Boise Parks & Recreation Commission.

  • Morris Hill Park, 10 N. Roosevelt – 9-10 a.m. May 8
  • Manitou Park, 2001 S. Manitou Ave. – 9-10 a.m. May 9
  • Sterling Park, 9851 W. Irving St. – 4-5 p.m. May 15
  • Pine Grove Park, 8995 W. Shoup Drive – 1-2 p.m. May 16
  • Sunset Park, 2625 S. 32nd St. – 9-10 May 22
  • Winstead Park, 6150 W. Northview St. — 9-10 a.m. May 23
  • Redwood Park, 2675 N. Shamrock St. – 4-5 p.m. May 29
  • Military Reserve, 750 N. Mountain Cove Road – 1-2 p.m. Maay 30
  • Castle Hills Park, 5350 N. Eugene St. – 4-5 p.m. June 12
  • Cypress Park, 4382 S. Tableridge Way – 4-5 p.m. June 13

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