Safety Tips for Graduates; Solicitors License & Video

Attached is a pdf on safety tips for soon-to-be (high school and junior high school) graduates submitted to schools for their newsletter.    Please share this with family, friends and neighbors who have teens in the home.  This is valuable information written for teens.

Door-to-door Solicitors:
Attached is a copy of the Boise City License to Sell (Solicitor’s License) so you know what it looks like when a solicitor comes to your  door.   Be sure to ask to see their license.    To read Boise City Code on solicitors, click on the link:

Below is the link to the short video by the Boise Police Department on how to deal with door-to-door solicitors:

Thank you,

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Charlene Miller
Boise Police Department
333 N. Mark Stall Place
Boise, Idaho  83704

Phone # – 208/570-6070

E-Mail –


pdfSpring-Grad Safety Tips1 SolicitorLicenseSample1
pdfSpring-Grad Safety Tips1

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