Walmart is Coming.

What is happening,

Walmart is coming to Cole Village.

While WBNA not nessisarily opposed to having Walmart in our neighborhood. We are however concerned with 24/7 deliveries. And dissapointed with the way this has been handled.

The 5 southern most retail spaces at Cole Village are be combined for a new tennant a Wallmart Neighborhood Market like this. ( ) this will displace 4 buisnesses currently residing on the site.

Disposition of impacted tennants

  • Honks (Relocating to the old Rite Aid location on Fairview)
  • Ace Hardware (vacant)
  • Advance America (Unknown)
  • Moxy Java (Cole Village LLC will not be renewing Moxy’s lease)
  • Hobby Town USA (Will be relocated to the El Tenampa building in the N/E Corner of Cole Village)

The development company for Walmart has won their appeal to Boise City’s Design Review Committee to remove the condition of limited delivery hours. (WBNA tried to appeal but were too late to the table)

WBNA believes not enough was done to notify the neighbors or impacted buisnesses and is searching for a way to appeal the 24/7 delivery provisions



For detailed documentation of the process so far see the link below than click on documents tab near the bottom of the page




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