Personal Safety Tips

The Boise Police Crime Prevention unit has produced this brief introduction to some of the key personal safety measures we can take with us in our day to day lives and provided some additional information. 
We all like to feel safe and secure in our homes and activities.   It is important to know that each of us is responsible for our own personal safety, and the best defense is prevention.  To reduce the likelihood of being targeted by criminals, we need to use common sense, as well as thinking and acting wisely and responsibly.

Be aware of your surroundings, trust your instincts, and always have a plan.  Below are practical prevention measures that when used can improve personal safety in our homes, vehicles, and activities:
Prevention Measures:
• Have a friend join you in your activities when you can
• Tell someone where you are going and approximately when you will return
• When you’re out jogging or walking, leave your headsets at home
• ATM: choose one that is out in the open and well-lit
• Carry a cell phone at all times
• Use deadbolt locks on all outside doors and install locks on your windows
• Install wide angle peepholes on your front door or have a window to see the porch
• Don’t open doors to someone you don’t know and aren’t expecting
• Trim shrubs to avoid providing hiding places, especially near doors and windows
• Install motion sensor or dusk-to-dawn lights outside your home
• Have a phone in your bedroom
At Night
• Park in well-lit areas
• Walk to car with a friend or ask for a store escort if you feel uneasy
• Have correct key ready in your hand before getting to your car
• Quickly check from afar under the car and behind the seat
• If someone is loitering nearby, get assistance
As a Motorist
• Drive with your vehicle doors locked
• Carry a cell phone
• In break-downs, stay in car with doors locked and call for assistance
• Being followed?  Call 911 with your location and stay on the line for further directions
Single Females
• Be aware and alert of your surroundings
• Don’t leave a social occasion with someone you just met or don’t know well
• Avoid isolating yourself, by not jogging alone or being alone in a laundry room
• Know your limitations, make sure the messages you are sending to men are clear
• Be careful of personal information you post on social networking sites, such as when you are going on vacation, your address, where you work, etc
• On a first date or blind date, arrive separately and at a public place, if you feel threatened or uncomfortable, you can leave
• Install an automatic timer to a lamp inside, so it is well-lit when arriving home late
Options if Confronted by an Attacker:
• Yelling transfers fear into anger, so yell and run away
• Pepper spray can be an affective tool, if used correctly and is ready when you need it.  Know the pros and cons of using pepper spray
• Consider taking a self-defense class
• Choosing weapons is a personal choice only you can determine; do the research to help you decide the best safety tool for you to use
The internet has a wealth of information on personal safety and self defense.   To find more safety tips, click on:  or  (National Crime Prevention Council)To learn more about the Boise Police Crime Prevention unit you can click here or go to and click on Crime Prevention!
Be wise and stay safe!
Boise Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit
Charles McClure
Boise Police Public Information
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