Boise Police Neighborhood Crime Bulletin

FYI: Most of WBNA lies in B2 except the small corner east of Cole is B3

Below is the link to the Boise Police Neighborhood Crime Bulletin, updated regularly by our Community Outreach Division.   This July issue provides us with general crime prevention information.   Feel free to forward it to your neighbors.

To know which area comprises your neighborhood, I’ve provided a guide:

Cloverdale (B1) – west of Five Mile Rd
Maple Grove (B2) – between Five Mile and Cole Rd
Central Bench (B3) – between Cole and Curtis, but taking in the I-84 Y
Orchard (B4) – between Curtis and Owyhee
Vista (B5) – between Owyhee and Federal Way

Northwest (V1) – west of 36th St, north of Garden City
Downtown Boise (V2) – Rose St to Broadway
North End (V3) – between 36th and 6th, north of State
Broadway (V4) between Federal Wy/Capitol to Gekeler, south of Reserve to Warm Springs
Southeast (V5) east of Gekeler, south of Warm Springs, but taking in Warm Springs Mesa and Harris Ranch

For information on reported crime, check and click on their Crime Mapping site.

Thank you,
Charlene Miller
Crime Prevention Unit
Boise Police Department
333 N. Mark Stall Place
Boise,   ID  83704

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