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Traffic Safety Committee Year End Progress Report

The West Bench Neighborhood Association committee focusing on traffic safety had a busy year. Some of our activities included:

  • Worked with our ACHD rep, Alexis Pickering to reduce the speed limit on Mountain View Dr to 25 MPH west of Cole. She is also working on additional long-term changes to encourage safety on neighborhood streets.
  • Created awareness of the speed limit by posting signs in the spring and again in the fall up and down Mountain View Dr urging drivers to slow down. Fifty signs were posted in front of resident’s homes (with homeowner permission). ? Held a neighborhood meet and greet when the signs first went up and dropped off notices so neighbors would understand the scope and timeframes for the sign project.
  • Met with our police department community officer and ACHD to encourage patrols on the street. They conducted a traffic study and scheduled patrols. We plan to continue our efforts promoting safe streets and sidewalks for walkers, cyclists, and cars.

If you have suggestions for the committee, please write us at

WBNA BOARD Meeting Minutes JANUARY2023

The West Bench Neighborhood Association Board Meeting was brought to order
by President Jonathan Melby at 6:30 at Ustick Library. Attendance taken.
Treasurer Report presented by Joan Wallace.
An addition of $199.90 which is an ACT Mini Grant reimbursement brought the
December 31st, 2022, ending balance to $859.78.
The next ACT mini-Grant submission is due January 15, 2023. Submission will be
for the following: $500.00 for the Spring Easter Egg event plus a WBNA-branded
tablecloth and a WBNA-designed banner, the total request for submission of
these two items is $425.00. A motion was made, and all agreed to submit the
event banner and tablecloth.
The Public Agency Committee was discussed; interest and involvement were
requested. The Committee will explore and investigate opportunities to learn
more about what can enhance and bring businesses to the West Bench
community. Additional committee structuring could include the following:
establishing HOAs, identifying the West Bench neighborhood as a historical
neighborhood, meeting with developers, rezoning within the neighborhood, and
what this means to the West Bench neighborhood.
A motion was made to request $400.00 to establish this Committee with the use
of social media and communication support. All agreed and this will be
submitted to the Spring ACT- Mini-Grant.
The Master Plan for the Goddard Linear Park is to be presented at Boise City
Hall, on January 19th at 4:00 pm. A motion was made and passed that the
WBNA is to represent the West Bench neighborhood and accept the Master
Plan as it is currently presented. Ronnie Marler is selected to speak to City
Representatives on behalf of those in attendance from the West Bench
The WBNA will meet at the Ustick Library thru March 2023 at the same time.
Discussion for a different location and time to be investigated as there is a
scheduling conflict with another weekly event. President Melby is to
investigate this item.
The meeting adjourned.