Monthly Archives: April 2020

Help Us Choose

With the help from a grant from the City of Boise WBNA is in the midst of a re-branding.
One of these 3 images will be the basis of the WBNA Brand Identity.
It will be used on ….

  • Street Sign Toppers marking our neighborhood boundaries
  • Association Letterhead
  • Websites and Social media accounts
  • Event and promotional print and signage

The previous survey returned a number of concepts to use in the design.

  • The barn and silo at Spaulding
  • Friendly place to raise a family
  • Wide streets established neighborhoods
  • Mountain views
  • Irrigation
  • Mature trees
  • And many more

With this feedback from neighbors, the WBNA Board has been working with Jasper Advertising & Marketing to create these 3 final design choices. Vote only once and choose just one.
(Samples are all in black and white and only the winner will be colorized)