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New Billboard proposed on Fairview.

Boise Planning and Zoning has notified WBNA of a conditional use permit to erect a Billboard on Fairview across from Winco

Although this does not fall inside our Association borders I’m sure there will be alot of concern.

Approval of this application is on the P&Z Commission meeting agenda for  Jan 14th.


Tell me what you think.


photoshopped renditions below


Spaulding Ranch Update

Greetings WBNA and Spaulding Ranch neighbors!


This year, Boise Parks and Recreation has been working with our partner agencies and stakeholders to begin specific infrastructure planning for the Spaulding Ranch park. These activities include agricultural soils testing, topographic surveying, and irrigation systems design for future agricultural uses.


As you may know, the City of Boise recently acquired the house on the northwest corner of Glenwood and Cole (3736 N. Glenwood) at a foreclosure auction. The structure had previously been used as a commercial sober-living facility, but has been vacant for several years.


In order to accommodate additional future amenities at the Spaulding Ranch, it is our intent to remove this structure. That is why we are notifying you. The house has been surveyed and cleared of any hazardous materials and the items stored within the structure were found to be of no value to the previous owner(s) or local charity organizations. Once the structure is removed, our team can begin to prepare the site for seeding or sodding next year. Demolition crews are expected to begin razing the site on November 14, 2018. Work is expected to be completed no later than December 1st, 2018.


Should you have any questions, comments or concerns about the proposed removal of this structure, please feel free to contact Boise Parks and Recreation at and a project manager will be in touch.


Boise Parks and Recreation Department
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