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Thank you Volunteers! Mountain View Park is litter free.park

4 of us came out in the rain and spent the better part of an hour picking up trash. Great teamwork!

If you missed out we’ll see you next month

March 26th 10:00 AM

D16 Townhall Forum

Upcoming D16 Townhall Forum Dates

You are cordially invited to meet with me and my District 16 colleagues, Representatives Hy Kloc and John McCrostie, at our next Townhall Meeting, where we will be handing out copies of our Creating Opportunity Plan involving over 16 pieces of specific legislation.  Here are the details for the meeting:


Tuesday, February 23, 7 p.m.

Library! at Cole and Ustick

7557 W Ustick Rd, Boise, ID 83704


Our previous Town hall meetings were well attended and we enjoyed the lively discussion and excellent questions.



community-clean-up-clipart-1Being good stewards of our public spaces is an important goal for our neighborhood and our Association.

As you probably know

WBNA is excited to have adopted Mt. View Park. We are also proud to the first Boise Neighborhood Association to adopt a park!


Monthly meetups at the park will be 10:00AM on the last Saturday of each month, and should last about 30 minutes. the purpose of these gatherings will be to police for trash and evaluate maintenance needs for the park.

Other events may be planned and scheduled as needed to tackle larger tasks that might require resources from Boise Parks and Recreation.

Next meeting will be:

Mt. View Park
Saturday Feb 27th 10:00 AM


Proposed changes to Bylaws (Updated)

notebookIn order to facilitate voting by email on issues that might arise between regular meetings.The following changes have been proposed by the WBNA Board and approved by the City of Boise.


The following changes were adopted by unanimous vote at the annual member meeting Feb/11/2016.


Change to Article II section 3:

Voting                         Section 3.  For purposes of voting, signing name and address in the “Official Membership Email List” shall evidence membership.  Each member shall be entitled to one vote.  There shall be no voting by proxy.  Except as otherwise noted, a simple majority vote is needed to adopt any action. For purposes of voting by email, an email will be sent to the “Official Membership Email List” with the subject line containing “Notification of ballot” no less than 7 days before the vote is to be tallied. A Reply to the “Notification of ballot” email will serve as a ballot. A simple majority vote is needed to adopt any action.

For the purpose of annual election of officers and any other annual meeting agenda items, Voting must be done in person at the annual meeting in February. E-mail Ballots will not be made available for Annual Meeting elections.

Change to Article IV section 2 

Secretary.  The Secretary shall keep and publish minutes of meetings, see that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provision of these Bylaws, be custodian of the Association records, keep a register of the post office address of each active member, which shall be furnished to the Secretary by such member in the “Official Membership Email List”, keep a register of committee membership, and in general perform all the duties incident to the office of Secretary.

Annual Member Meeting

Feb 11th 7:00
Library at Cole and Ustick
Sage Brush Room

If you go to one meeting this year make it the Annual meeting of the WBNA
Make 2016 the year you get involved.

policeLogoWe have invited our newly assigned resource officer Terry Phillips to speak to us about community policing





This is also the annual meeting for election of WBNA officers. vote

Come and be heard

WBNA 2015 Annual report published.


Every Year the City of Boise requires a report from each Neighborhood Association

The report covers the makeup of the Association including Bylaws, Articles of association, Board members and activities of the association for the year.  Here is a web version of that report.

Read the Annual report Here