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Yard Sale

We have a location and a date. Now we need your donations.

Our Yard sale will take place May 30th 8:00AM at the Idaho High School Athletic Association’s parking lot on Ustick across North Ash Park from Delsa’s Ice Cream Parlor. Volunteers are welcome.

As part of our Signal box art project, The City has granted us 11,000 for Signal wraps. We are responsible for hosting dedication festivities as well as covering any difference that the grant does not cover. WBNA needs you help.

  • PLEASE DONATE your unwanted quality items.
    • Call Ronnie @ (208)761-0529 to arrange for pickup or
    • Drop Donations at 8781 W Cory Ln
  • PLEASE DONATE your time.
    • Call Ronnie @ (208)761-0529
    • We need Signage. Shade popups, Tables, Refreshments
    • We need Sales volunteers, Sign wavers, Pickups or trailers for hauling donations.
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WBNA Minutes of 5/14/15 Meeting

West Bench Neighborhood Accosiation

WBNA Minutes of 5/14/15 Meeting

Ronnie Marler called the meeting to order at the Cole/Ustick Library.

Traffic Boxes – Ronnie displayed the proposals for the art work on a Power Point program.  He explained about the selection process starting with over 1,000 images.  Everyone attending like the proposals so Ronnie will ask the Arts and History Department to accept them.  A plaque will be on each box with ACHD the Arts and History Department of the City of Boise and WBNA being recognized as contributors

Yard Sale – The sale is set for May 30th at the Idaho High School Athletic Association parking lot on Ustick across North Ash Park from Delsa’s Ice Cream Parlor.  Set up is at 7 AM.  Sale starts at 8 AM.  Donations are needed to make the sale successful.  Chris Allen and Mary Margaret Draper will make signage for the sale.  Ronnie will post a notice on our website and other social media as we need help with setup, sales and donations.

Celebration – On June 27th WBNA with help from the Idaho Dairy Association and WOW 104.3 will host the traffic box artists at Delsa’s for a celebration of the grant.  Details to follow.  One artist volunteered to sell prints and donate the money the WBNA if it is approved by the Arts and History Department.

Neighborhood Summit – The summit went very well with 20-24 people attending.  Nine other associations were present and 4 gave presentations.  The presentations were on surveying  neighborhood needs, website and social media, special event planning and energizing your neighborhood.  Ronnie conducted an exercise on “Building a Sense of Place”.  It was well received and created much discussion. Those attending were Collister, Morris Hill, Sunset, Vista, Downtown, Shanendoa West, SE Neighborhood, NW Neighborhood, North End and WBNA.  Ronnie suggested that this be an annual event and be hosted by different associations each year.

New Business – Mary Margaret suggested that we ask Boise Parks and Recreation to purchase Spaulding Ranch and develop it into a teaching farm.  Discussion followed.

Parks in the area were discussed with a suggestion that Fairmont Park needs a walking path from Cole to Milwaukee.

Next meeting is July 9.