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Boise neighborhood hopes to spread the neighborly feeling

Shout out to out neighbors at West King and Regal Drive


BOISE — There was some real neighborly love going on in one Boise neighborhood Sunday.

At the corner of West King Street and Regal Drive, neighbors got together to get to know each other.

Recently, residents say things have been getting stolen out of yards, children have been bullied and vandalism has happened.

This neighborhood believes if we learn to love our neighbors, the crime could stop.

“When we know each other better, than we respect each other’s things,” said Chris Veisaya, who supported the community movement. “And also, we wanted to stand for an idea, a theme.”

Residents said they already live in a great community, but they want it to be better.

They are hoping their message of “love your neighbor” could reach other parts of Boise too.