Traffic Safety Committee Year End Progress Report

The West Bench Neighborhood Association committee focusing on traffic safety had a busy year. Some of our activities included:

  • Worked with our ACHD rep, Alexis Pickering to reduce the speed limit on Mountain View Dr to 25 MPH west of Cole. She is also working on additional long-term changes to encourage safety on neighborhood streets.
  • Created awareness of the speed limit by posting signs in the spring and again in the fall up and down Mountain View Dr urging drivers to slow down. Fifty signs were posted in front of resident’s homes (with homeowner permission). ? Held a neighborhood meet and greet when the signs first went up and dropped off notices so neighbors would understand the scope and timeframes for the sign project.
  • Met with our police department community officer and ACHD to encourage patrols on the street. They conducted a traffic study and scheduled patrols. We plan to continue our efforts promoting safe streets and sidewalks for walkers, cyclists, and cars.

If you have suggestions for the committee, please write us at

WBNA BOARD Meeting Minutes JANUARY2023

The West Bench Neighborhood Association Board Meeting was brought to order
by President Jonathan Melby at 6:30 at Ustick Library. Attendance taken.
Treasurer Report presented by Joan Wallace.
An addition of $199.90 which is an ACT Mini Grant reimbursement brought the
December 31st, 2022, ending balance to $859.78.
The next ACT mini-Grant submission is due January 15, 2023. Submission will be
for the following: $500.00 for the Spring Easter Egg event plus a WBNA-branded
tablecloth and a WBNA-designed banner, the total request for submission of
these two items is $425.00. A motion was made, and all agreed to submit the
event banner and tablecloth.
The Public Agency Committee was discussed; interest and involvement were
requested. The Committee will explore and investigate opportunities to learn
more about what can enhance and bring businesses to the West Bench
community. Additional committee structuring could include the following:
establishing HOAs, identifying the West Bench neighborhood as a historical
neighborhood, meeting with developers, rezoning within the neighborhood, and
what this means to the West Bench neighborhood.
A motion was made to request $400.00 to establish this Committee with the use
of social media and communication support. All agreed and this will be
submitted to the Spring ACT- Mini-Grant.
The Master Plan for the Goddard Linear Park is to be presented at Boise City
Hall, on January 19th at 4:00 pm. A motion was made and passed that the
WBNA is to represent the West Bench neighborhood and accept the Master
Plan as it is currently presented. Ronnie Marler is selected to speak to City
Representatives on behalf of those in attendance from the West Bench
The WBNA will meet at the Ustick Library thru March 2023 at the same time.
Discussion for a different location and time to be investigated as there is a
scheduling conflict with another weekly event. President Melby is to
investigate this item.
The meeting adjourned.

Dear West Bench Neighbor,

We are pleased to announce the FIRST ANNUAL West Bench Harvest Festival to be held at Mountain View Park on September 24th from 1:00-4:00 pm. Although modest, we look forward to bringing the West Bench neighbors together to say farewell to summer and enjoy the harvest this neighborhood is known for, this side of town. To bring this event to its neighbors, we are looking for funding either as a financial contribution or an in-kind donation that would be a prize for contests held at the event. The ‘signature’ Zucc Zoom Race is to be held annually, who would have thought?

Additional activities to look forward to:
Live Music ~ Bake Sale ~ Starter Plant Sale ~ Coloring Table ~ Cookie Decorating ~ Yard Games ~ Fall Photo Booth featuring the West Bench Scarecrow ~

A donation of any amount to the site would be so appreciated. All proceeds are to be used to sponsor this event plus additional events held by the WBNA. The site is prepared to accept funds from either PayPal or credit card, checks are also accepted. In addition, a donated toy or game to be given as a prize for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years of age is also requested. For questions regarding these options, please contact Annie Fuller at 208-860-5577 or Jeannette Marler at 208-376-0606. *Toys and prizes can be picked up by the WBNA Team.

Company names of donors will be mentioned during the event, in addition, recognition will be on the site post the event. Sponsorships are also available.

With Our Thanks,
Annie Fuller and the West Bench Team


ZOOK FEST fundraising event Saturday, September 24th 1-4 PM Mountain View Park

(walk, bike or park at Mountain View Elementary School)

Let’s come together and have some fun to close out summer. This family friendly Volunteer organized fund raising event is hosted by WBNA for our neighbors.
Bring your wallet and let’s have some fun!



  • Zucc Zoom (Zucchini car race) *
  • Live Music
  • Bake sale
  • Starter plant sale
  • Coloring **
  • Cookie decoration
  • Fall Photo Booth
  • Yard games
  • More family fun activities!

*build & decorate your own zucchini car (some wheels and decorations will be available on a first come basis). 

**Mom and Dad, Download and print coloring pages for the kids. Here and Here don’t worry we’ll have crayons and printouts at the event too!


Meeting January 13th

Interested members got together to learn website tools. It was a lot of fun learning how to edit in WordPress.

We learned how to log in

Work with WordPress editor

How to update information on the website.

Taking turns making edits turned it into a team effort!

Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Minutes Archive are now availible on the WBNADocuments Tab.

April Board Meeting

West Bench Neighborhood Association Officer and Board meeting was held April 29th
This meeting was conducted via ZOOM and brought to order by President, Ronnie Marler.
This meeting was held with the primary purpose to review edits previously requested for the By Law
revisions currently taking place; this ahead of the cumulative vote to be presented to all WBNA
residents. The City of Boise will make the final review and acceptance of the By Laws once the final
vote has taken place.
Discussion for topics at the next meeting to be held May, were presented:
*Community Garden at Cabarton Park
*Follow up to Traffic Meeting
*Settlers Canal update – Energize Boise Project/Linear Park.
*Monthly Park Cleanup schedule and Park location
*Future activities to bring the WBNA together during the 2021 year.
Brief discussion for ACHD involvement to assist with areas in the Mountain View neighborhood in
addition, Christine Street which brings concern for congestion plus vehicle access, this based on
proposed multiple housing that is currently being considered. Rochelle Schaetten to coordinate a
ZOOM Meeting for attendees to be held Thursday May 6 at 7:00 PM. Follow up to this meeting to be
presented at the May Board Meeting.
The meeting concluded.

March 11, Board Meeting

This meeting took place via ZOOM and was brought to order by President Ronnie Marler.  

Bylaw input and revision request from the previous meeting were discussed at this meeting.  Recommendations provided were reviewed and discussion for additional time to make revision  requests was established. A particular item discussed was Article 3- Section 3 to include meetings via  ZOOM to be considered standard. The extension to provide input for changes to the bylaws will be  thru the third week of April. The Board and Officers will vote on the final edits, this ahead of  presenting the updated By Laws delivered to the Neighborhood Association in total to review and  vote, this to be May 2021.  

*An interim meeting if required to finalize the items revised, could be put into place. The City of Boise  will make the final approval of the revisions.  

Discussion for the change in Annual Meeting date for the best month of each year took place. The  group consensus will be to hold this meeting the month of October each year.  

ACHD Commissioner Alexis Pickering was in attendance to explain the onset of the five-year  integration plan that is being formed by ACHD; IFYWP. Alexis presented the ACHD website for all in  attendance to view and pointed out the links to access where the West Bench Association can come  together to make requests for intersection plus high traffic areas where it is deemed that assistance  from ACHD might be requested.  

The meeting concluded. 

Notice of developer meeting

March 4th

There is a 40 unit apartment complex being planned off Ustick and Christine

See link for information